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Troubleshooting PointClickCare: Common Problems and Solutions

Troubleshooting PointClickCare

PointClickCare is a powerful healthcare management platform, but it may encounter occasional issues like any software. Fortunately, many common problems can be resolved with some troubleshooting. In this guide, we’ll explore ten common problems users might encounter with PointClickCare and provide detailed solutions to help you navigate these challenges effectively.

Login Issues

Login Issues

Problem: Sometimes, users may need help logging into their PointClickCare account due to forgotten passwords or other authentication problems.

Solution: To resolve login issues, start by clicking on the “Forgot Password” option on the login page to reset your password securely. Ensure that your username and password are entered correctly, and consider using password management tools to store and retrieve login information securely.

Slow Performance

Problem: Sluggish performance can be frustrating, causing delays in accessing patient information and completing tasks efficiently.

Solution: Slow performance might be due to internet connectivity issues or a heavy network load. Ensure a stable internet connection and consider optimizing your network. Clear your browser cache, which can improve loading times. If the problem persists, contact your organization’s IT support for further assistance.

Missing or Inaccurate Patient Data

Missing or Inaccurate Patient Data

Problem: Patient data is the backbone of PointClickCare, and missing or inaccurate information can hinder patient care.


  1. Double-check data entry for accuracy when documenting patient information.
  2. If data is missing, make sure all required fields are completed.
  3. If you discover inaccuracies, update the records promptly.

Regularly back up patient data to prevent data loss.

Error Messages

Problem: Error messages can be cryptic and confusing, leaving users unsure about what went wrong.


  1. When you encounter an error message, note the details and take a screenshot.
  2. Search for the error message online or consult PointClickCare’s support resources for guidance.
  3. If you can’t find a solution, contact PointClickCare’s support team and provide them with the error message details.

Difficulty in Navigating the Interface

Problem: PointClickCare’s interface can be complex, and new users may need help navigating.


  1. Familiarize yourself with PointClickCare’s user guides and training materials.
  2. Take advantage of any training sessions offered by your organization.
  3. Don’t hesitate to contact experienced colleagues with the platform for guidance and tips.

Printing and Documentation Issues

Printing and Documentation Issues

Problem: Printing and documenting patient information can be problematic, leading to incomplete records or printing errors.


  1. Ensure that your printer is properly connected and configured.
  2. Verify that you have the necessary permissions to print or document.
  3. If problems persist, consult your organization’s IT support for assistance in troubleshooting printing and documentation issues.

Compatibility Problems with Browsers

Problem: Some users may experience compatibility issues using PointClickCare with specific web browsers.


  1. Ensure you’re using a compatible web browser recommended by PointClickCare.
  2. Check for browser updates, as outdated versions may not work optimally with the platform.
  3. If issues persist, reach out to your IT support for assistance.

Task Assignment and Tracking Challenges

Problem: Assigning and tracking tasks efficiently can be challenging, leading to missed deadlines and confusion among care teams.


  1. Utilize PointClickCare’s task management features to assign, track, and prioritize tasks.
  2. Ensure that tasks are clearly defined and deadlines are communicated.
  3. Regularly review task assignments to ensure completion.

Data Security Concerns

Data Security Concerns

Problem: Healthcare data security is paramount, and any breaches or concerns can cause anxiety among users.

Solution: Follow best practices for data security, including regular password updates, secure access protocols, and user training on data protection. If you suspect a security breach or encounter any unusual activity, immediately report it to your organization’s IT security team.

Lack of Training and Support

Problem: Users may feel overwhelmed if they need proper training or access to support resources.


  1. Seek out training sessions and educational materials from PointClickCare or your organization.
  2. Encourage your organization to offer ongoing training and support.
  3. If you still need help, contact PointClickCare’s customer support for guidance and assistance.


Troubleshooting issues with PointClickCare may seem daunting, but most challenges can be overcome with the right approach and resources. Regular training, updating on best practices, and contacting support channels when needed are key steps in ensuring a smooth experience with PointClickCare.

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  1. All of my PCC logins are suddenly not working. I’m a pharmacist who logs into numerous facilities and suddenly I can’t access any except for maybe one that I’ve found so far. What happened?

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