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The Best Places to Eat, Stay, and Play on a Florida Road Trip

Florida is among the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, with over 122 million visitors coming to the Sunshine State in 2023. It’s a state known for its fresh fruit, pristine coastlines, and entertainment options galore. If you have plans for a Florida vacation, a Florida road trip is one of the most exciting ways to travel and explore.

The challenge is knowing where to visit to enjoy the best restaurants, parks, and nature in this diverse state. Finding the best places to visit in Florida will make your trip a memorable break from reality.

The good news is that your search has ended. You’ve found the perfect guide to begin planning your road trip in Florida. Continue reading for the best road trip tips today!


For several reasons, Miami is an ideal place to start your Florida road trip. It’s a city filled with entertainment, excellent cuisine, music, and diverse neighborhoods. The beaches are also a benefit worth mentioning when you stop in Miami.

The peak tourist season in Miami begins in December and ends in April, so consider the crowds depending on when you plan your trip. Spring and Autumn are the best seasons to visit for lower prices and smaller crowds.

South Beach and Little Havana are top options to visit while in Miami. The local cuisine is also savory, and you will find few better places to enjoy tacos on the beach. The art deco architecture is another fun attraction in Miami.

You’ll find several boutique hotels if you need help deciding where to stay in Florida. Use Miami as the first leg of the trip to your next destination in the Sunshine State.

Florida Keys

After spending a day or two in Miami, the next stop on your itinerary is the Florida Keys. Get brunch in Miami before hitting the road to start your day on the right foot. The best approach is to head straight to Key West and hit the best beaches and communities north toward the mainland.

The Keys are an idyllic chain of islands stretching into the Gulf of Mexico, and they’re known for their natural beauty. The chill atmosphere and access to stunning marine life make it an excellent destination to visit on a Florida road trip.

Top islands to visit include Key Largo, Big Pine Key, and Key West. Your travels through the Keys will be one of the most memorable parts of your Florida road trip.


After traveling north through the Florida Keys and returning to the mainland, you’ll want to turn your sites toward Sarasota. It’s one of the most culturally rich cities in the Sunshine State, and it’s famous for its pristine beaches and artistic creativity. Located on the southwest coast of Florida, it’s famed for some of the best beaches in the Lower 48.

The prominent features of Sarasota’s beaches include the fine white sand and bright blue water. It’s the perfect place to visit if your kids want more time at the beach, allowing you and your partner to relax in the sun. It’s also wise to look for beachfront vacation home rentals in Florida.

You’ll find several excellent hotels along the waterfront when looking for places to stay in Sarasota. The Westin Sarasota and the Ritz-Carlton are viable options for a luxury experience in paradise. Visit the Sandbar Restaurant during your stay for a unique dining experience in the water.


No Florida road trip is complete without an extended pitstop in Orlando for amusement, magic, and memories. You’ll find much to do in Orlando during your visit, and it’s best to think ahead when determining how and where to spend your time and money.

It’s one of the most popular travel destinations in the United States, with tourists traveling from around the globe to visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios. Combine the iconic theme parks with beautiful nature for an immersive stay.

It’s a good rule of thumb to dedicate two days to one of either the Magic Kingdom or Universal Studios to see everything and maximize your time. Exploring each for a day will leave you with too many unseen things. It’s better to get the whole experience of one park than a bit of each.

Kelly Rock Springs is another magical place in Orlando for its clear water and relaxing tubing experiences. It’s a must-visit area in Orlando for nature lovers seeking tranquility on the water. Look for a resort or hotel near the theme park you’re visiting to enjoy convenience during your Florida road trip.

St. Augustine

St. Augustine is the ideal place to end your iconic Florida road trip. It’s an overlooked town on Florida’s coast, making it suitable to escape the crowds and enjoy some of the best beaches, shopping, and restaurants Florida can offer.

The town is located on the Northeast coastline of Florida, and it’s the oldest continually inhabited settlement in the United States after being founded by the Spanish. The area has a vibrant culture and stunning architecture, harkening to the days of Spanish colonialism.

It’s a gem you won’t want to miss as you look for the best places to visit in Florida during the final days of your road trip to the Sunshine State. Consider staying at the Collector Luxury Inn for a place in the center of town.

St. George Street is an attraction to visit with the family for quaint restaurants and souvenir shopping. You can also cool down with a homemade popsicle, picnic on St. Augustine Beach, and play in the waves after eating.

Plan Your First Florida Road Trip Today

When planning a trip to Florida, few imagine a Florida road trip to the top beaches, cities, and attractions, but it’s a fantastic way to travel with ultimate freedom. Miami is an excellent starting point to visit the Florida Keys. Upon returning to the mainland, stop in Orlando for magical experiences before ending the trip to St. Augustine.

Travel is a fantastic way to discover new experiences and ideas for enrichment and growth. Read our Lifestyle and Travel guides to plan a brighter future today!

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