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Noorani Qaida: Building Blocks of Quranic Learning

For learning the Quran, laying a solid foundation for learning Noorani Qaida is essential. Mastering the building blocks of Quranic learning will also assist you in learning the Quran from the start. You can say that the Noorani Qaida is the first step to learning the Arabic language or reading the Quran.

Therefore, students should learn the Noorani Qaida with complete devotion to avoid hurdles while reading the holy Quran later. The Noorani Qaida course is offered in online Quran academies nowadays. However, Online Madrasa also offers various courses to its students, including the Noorani Qaida course, the Tajweed Quran Course, and other Quran learning courses. 

Norani Qaida Course 

Norani Qaida course is a basic course for learning the Quran easily. Online Madrasa offers Noranic Qaida classes for students of all ages, i.e., kids, teens, and adults. The expert and certified teachers of Online Madrasa have prepared the syllabus very carefully. In the course, the students will learn:

  • Arabic Letters and sounds with Tajweed
  • Making word by joining Alphabets
  • Short Vowels and Harkat 
  • Tanween 
  • Long Vowels
  • Sukoon 
  • Shadda
  • Madd

All these topics are complete Classes. In the first class, the teachers teach the students to join dots and make letters. The details of all lessons in all these classes are given below.

Arabic Letter and sound with Tajweed

In this class, the students learn and know Arabic letters and their sounds and pronounce them with tajweed. These Alphabets are building blocks of the Quran as they join to form words and verses. Furthermore, the students are also taught to memorize the shapes and sounds of the Alphabet. However, the sound and shape of the alphabet vary when joined with other words or letters. Therefore, it is essential to learn and memorize the correct pronunciation of the alphabet, as a slight articulation mistake can change a word’s whole meaning. 

Making Words by Joining Alphabets

In this lesson, students learn to join the alphabet and make Arabic words. By this practice, students can learn to recite words and be able to join these words and make sentences. Once you master joining letters and words to make sentences, you can read the Quran. After all, learning Norani Qaida is the primary step to reading the Quran.

Short Vowels and Harkat

The student will learn Harkat and Short Vowels in words to pronounce them correctly because the absence or presence of short vowels among words affects their meanings. In this chapter, the students will understand the role of short vowels in pronouncing words.


Tanween indicates double short vowels. However, these words are unfamiliar to you. But after admission to the Norani Qaida course, understanding them will be very easy for you. 

Long Vowels

In this chapter, the students will learn about long vowels. The recitation of the Quran becomes more impressive using long vowels. 


Sukoon is the absence of vowel sounds in a word. In this lesson, the students will thoroughly learn about Sukoon. A circle above a word represents it. 


Another essential concept in Noorani Qaida that students should learn is Shadda. It pronounces consonant with emphasis. When it appears above a word, it should be read with emphasis. In this course, students will practice articulating words with Shadda.


The addition of Madd to a vowel sound-letter extends its sound. In this chapter, the students will learn the exact duration of extending the sound when Madd is used. 

Norani Qaida Course outcomes

Norani Qaida is an introductory course that leads to learning the Quran perfectly. However, after completing the course, the knowledge of Norani Qaida will facilitate the students’ learning and recitation of the Holy Quran without committing any mistakes. The students will be able to pronounce letters and words correctly. Also, learning Norani Qaida will increase a student’s ability to read the Arabic script. Moreover, the students also learn the basic rules of Tajweed.  

Why Choose Online Madrasa for Norani Qaida?

Online Madrasa has specially trained teachers to teach Norani Qaida classes. The availability of advance technology has made learning easier as there are many facilities for the students in Online Madrasa. That is:

  • 3D pictures.
  • Audio and video aid.
  • Activities to do practical.
  • Games and cartoons for learning
  • Noorani Qaida in English
  • Noorani Qaida in Urdu
  • Rehmani Qaida
  • Certification


Learning Norani Qaida is a foundation stone for learning the Quran. Learning is becoming straightforward because multiple online platforms offer Norani Qaida classes. Similarly, Online Madrasa also offers classes in flexible hours. Start your learning journey with Online Madrasa and master articulating Quranic words perfectly. For course registration, contact them directly or visit the website. 

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