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5 Ways to Troubleshoot RCN Internet Problems

5 Ways to Troubleshoot RCN Internet Problems

We know how frustrating things can get if you are in the middle of some important internet activity, and it stops working. However, one should always understand that no matter which internet plan they have subscribed to, there are chances that their connection might get sluggish for several reasons. 

Yes, even if you are an RCN Internet user, you are likely to face some Internet issues at one point or another. It is indeed a reliable internet service provider that uses fiber-optic technology to offer a dependable internet connection. But unfortunately, certain issues are beyond its control as well. 

But the good news is that there are certain quick fixes that you can use to troubleshoot your RCN internet problems, and some of them are listed below.  Read on to learn more about them!

RCN Internet Plans & Packages 

Before we start discussing the tips, you need to ensure that you have subscribed to the right speed tier. Because most of the time, people make the mistake of choosing the wrong speed tier, which isn’t sufficient for their internet needs, and later complain about internet issues. 

RCN Internet Plans & Packages 

The table below shows some of the internet plans offered by the provider. But we suggest you reach out to RCN customer service to know the prices of the plans offered in your area. The mere reason is that the provider does not offer the same speed tiers in every location it serves. 

In addition, if you are unable to decide which plan you should choose, you can always discuss your internet needs with the RCN customer support team. The team will help you choose the right internet plan. 

Internet PlanPriceFeatures
600 Mbps$35 per monthWith this plan, you get a reliable connection with unlimited data, that is perfect for streaming, playing games, and so much more. Offers higher bandwidth, so you can easily connect several devices at one time.
940 Mbps$50 per monthWith this plan, you can connect multiple devices at once and enjoy a steady internet connection.  It offers unlimited data with this plan so you can enjoy unlimited data for the entire month.
1200 Mbps$60 per monthIt offers great bandwidth, so everyone can enjoy the internet and play games without any hassle.  With this plan, all your family members can use the internet seamlessly without any hassle.

5 Great Tips to Troubleshoot RCN Internet Problems

If you have chosen the right internet plan but are still facing poor internet issues, then use some of the tips listed below. 

5 Great Tips to Troubleshoot RCN Internet Problems

Restart Your Device 

You might think this is a simple step, but as basic as it is, this step is of utmost importance and can easily resolve your internet issues. 

The mere reason is that restarting your router can help eliminate bugs and issues that cause connectivity problems. So, unplug your router and then wait for a few minutes, and plug it in again. But if you have restarted your router and it still does not work, then you should reset it. Just press the reset button and then hold it for a few seconds. 

Outdated Equipment 

Please know that Astound Broadband by RCN offers a pure fiber-optic internet connection, which only works well if one has old or outdated equipment. So, if you have outdated equipment, you might have to deal with a slower connection and it is important for you to troubleshoot internet issues. 

Therefore, you must ensure that you are using the latest equipment, or you can even ask the RCN customer support team for the latest router or take their advice on which equipment you should use.  

Update Your Router Firmware

This is another major tip that you shouldn’t overlook because it is important for you to regularly update the firmware of your router to ensure you get to use a fast internet connection. 

Therefore, you should regularly check the settings for the latest firmware updates to fix glitches and network vulnerabilities, so you can improve your network connection.  

The mere reason is that, once you update the firmware of your router, you enhance its efficiency and get a seamless connection. Therefore, make it a routine to check for the latest updates to avoid facing slow internet problems. 

Check Your Power Cycle

If it has been ages since you have checked your power cycle, then you need to do it right away because there are times when your cables are not properly connected. This poses slow internet problems. 

So, properly check your cables and wires, and if you notice they are worn out then change them immediately to avoid facing such problems. 

Check for Area Wide Service Outage

If none of the tips listed above work, then we suggest you check for an area-wide network outage.  

Yes, you shouldn’t panic; instead, you should reach out to the RCN technical support team for more information regarding this. Please know that there are chances that some of the most reliable and steady internet connections will stop working for some reason. But, if the team confirms that there is an internet outage then you shouldn’t be frustrated and wait for the connection to get restored.  

In the End! 

There you go! We hope now you know how to fix RCN’s common internet problems. So, before you get irritated, you need to use the quick fixes that are listed above. Please know that several factors might affect your internet connection, so there is no need to get agitated. Instead, use the tips or reach out to RCN customer service. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Here are some important FAQs:

How do I troubleshoot my internet connection? 

You should consider rebooting your router or updating its firmware to troubleshoot a slow internet connection. 

Why is my internet not working? 

There are a lot of reasons why your internet doesn’t work, but the most common cause is issues with your router. 

How do I troubleshoot the RCN internet problem?

You can reach out to the RCN customer support team by dialing 

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